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Sprained ankle; pain; new meds; will try make it; go w/o if enough peeps.
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Guild News

JULY 2015

Heyas all! As I've posted; there's major site changes. Some unique look - with slacker colors, unique icons and logos - and NEW DOMAIN. Feel free to feedback or suggest. If have logo ideas/etc. too yay!

Our site is NOW: www.xtraordinaryslackersguild.com -

Little else changes still using enjin as a host right now - TS3 is again the same as it was so no changes there. All links updated. The homepage will redirect for 30 days.

Anyone new, we DO REQUIRE site registration - I am trying to organize links. Currently we're adjusting OPS!

Saturdays now ORGANIZE at 5:00pm PT and roll on at 5:30pm PT. This will also be the night for meetups/etc.

Sundays is Learning OPS night for specificish 8m group - future 16m if enough on.

Wednesday will be redone - Conquest Fun Night apparently isn't fun. :)

RECRUITMENT - SWTOR right now is in a between huge expansion phase - things are expected to be slowish - tho server crossover happened. We are opening recruitment on SWTOR forums.

REMEMBER - be helpful, nice, welcoming to new folk! TALK IN GC! Enjoy my slacker subs! :)

League of Xtraordinary Slackers (X-Slacks) February 2015 State Of Guild: NEWS, FUTURE STUFF!

*a body type 4 lavishly red robed red haired King Erisk sits on throne and with cupcakes.*

Greetings fellow slackerkind! My slacker subjects I have neglected since the holidays, I apologize *munches on chocolate ice cream bacon jelly doughnut cupcake* but I've been off in the crusades of slack *sprays frosting in mouth* Vewy towugh werk.

But really, although I will still not be in-game as much as I would like, I will do my best - but there's great stuff to come yes both within SWTOR as a guild and in genera within community!

Talking with my royal council aka officers and other members - there's been a clear slack of some standards and communication as a guild as well as recent drop in activity. This will change *jelly falls on robe* So.. *licks robe* Mmm well then but WE promise in the coming months to return our little guild community of slacking together working alone! Aka, make friends, do stuff together, be a community! What's mine is yours!
*A new PEASANT SLACKER smiles and grabs for a cupcake... ZAP. King has a hammer and taser*

NEVER - touch the King's Cupcakes! *Swings BAN HAMMER at PEASANT SLACKER. SPLAT* Great I just cleaned that rug. OH! Hah yes we usually don't kill the newbies - what's mine actually is still only mine... 'cause cupcake treason is met by *whips shades on* STOP! Hammer time! *points at cupcake* Can't touch this! *inhales cupcake as does the Hammer dance... GROUND SHAKES* But you can earn cupcake points! If we ever get to setting that up. Anyways...

First, more will be posted AT A LATER DATE of the following:

- Updated Officer/Leader List and Officer Requirements and Member Guideline (Grouping, social, teamwork, expectations)
- New Domain and future planned Twitch Channel/Better Twitter/FB
- Emphasis on GC/TS and helping/doing stuff AS GUILD (tho that basically falls within TBA Officer/Member Gudelines)
- Possible future Conquest Event Night, more organization on Events/Cool Special Sat Events

REMEMBER - we have SWTOR OPS Rules and 3.0 Guild Policies - there will be a future site page of all this for easier access.

We don't want to burden and pile on a bunch of reading material and stifle our members with such boring tasks we're slackers - but it's all necessary to keep a well oiled community that meets its promises/creed (both in OPS RULES, HOMEPAGE and BELOW).

SO! *BURPS* Ohh sorry, oooh smells like bacon. Hmm, idea! Bacon mints! Do they have those? Hmm. Yes well ANYWAYS! MORE TO COME!

Though more will be made specific in a future thread, ALL OFFICERS are here to uphold rules, standards, and member welfare! Here's a Quick List of active leadership and officers

Current Officers:
(Dukes = Officers. Count = Lt. Officer (rank may be nixed in future) and special = King, Queen, Prince.
(names as Enjin names can PM ANYONE, will autofill name)
GM/Site Owner/Founder: King Erisk
Vice GM/Sat Co-Lead: Queen Zurielle/Bimu
Event Coordinator/Sat/Sun Co-lead/Member Welfare (well all officers are for member welfare but most exceptional lead in this is): Prince Imcus
BW Sith Sister Guild GM/Craft/SH Adviser: Duke Tarjin
Landos/Sun Co-Lead: Duke Stearth/Urquan,
Conquest Lead/Landos Assist: Duke Belliah
Other Officers (Dukes): VayVay (Ray) (Teamwork/Cupcake Guru), Dirty-Harriet (He's actually really clean)
Lt. Officers (Counts): Katma, Ash, Nobody One-Eye

Elders aka Lords, tho not listed and not officers, always maintain the best of our guild and have been longtime loyal members. And ALL MEMBERS (esp when become FULL aka KNIGHT) are expected to know, uphold following:

GUILD STANDARD (Creed): We at the League of Xtraordinary Slackers don't need that E to make us Xtraordinary! We have the motto, slack together, work alone! We've lasted nearly a decade through multiple games by being a COMMUNITY first; Quality over quantity guild, where both casual and dedicated members meet to form a great family of players to enjoy whatever content in whatever MMO, game, or social site/media/talk we participate together with. We aim to provide a mature, fun, relaxed, social atmosphere to learn and work together, help eachother and become friends. If XP bonsues or perks are your main reasons for joining, seek another guild.

ALL events (raids, progressive raids, conquest, karaoke night, etc.) are about fun first and foremost,  and limit negative, overly serious attitudes and grief and ill feelings. We strive for non-elitism and INCLUSION (despite fun with our royal slacker ranking :) WE'RE QUIRKY - but with ALWAYS mature respectful interaction with all members.

We may have ups and downs (we're slackers! :) But YOU as a member, elder, officer, or vagrant, have responsibilities, guidelines, rules and this standard to follow to make this guild strong and long lasting. IN TS3, GC, Site, or another slacker game, you're expected to uphold our slacker values and represent our guild as quality members. Once a slacker, always a slacker, within reason and rules :)

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