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Hey man it's pre-5.0 lazy. Not much happening. Guild Wars 2 we are there now too. Thesis and playing games are the best thing for your degree!
after so long i finally arrived at rishi. i hv this expansion long time ago but nvr tried. wat u guys been up to in swtor? sorry on off in game. i login to send comp for quests while writing thesis. im a bot.
Well, at least keeping stuff down, still feel physically wiped, though.
I was just about to seize your property :( Ah well hope you really are for real feeling better now
Tar lives...
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A quick update on things! Yes, this is a long ass post, duh it’s me.

The two burning questions I've received lately answered here!

1.) Q: What's with guild and SWTOR and 5.0?

A: Yes, things in SWTOR are slow. We are waiting on expansion to resume recruitment - in which hopefully 5.0 will bring much needed goodness back to a stale game! And yes, SWTOR is still our MAIN GAME. Until 5.0, things will continue to be slow.

It has issues, we all know this. But it's still enjoyed by peeps, so no matter how "better" another game may be to you, etc. limit the SWTOR ragging, much is deserved, but until 5.0 happens, no need for excess complaints :)

2.) Q: What's all this with GW2? We starting a guild there?

A: And yes, we have a small side guild there of slackers playing. Guild Wars 2 will become an official side MMO for slackers. Emphasis on SIDE, it will NOT replace SWTOR, nor be fleeting like former "official" side games aka ESO, AA. More on that in its own section below. We will be promoting it more, but no active recruitment, no apps, but will be open to future expansion IF it becomes more of a thing. I WILL make a forum post about our guild on their site, but that's as far as it'll go now, emphasising what I told you, and SWTOR is our main MMO, maybe get a few playing SWTOR 5.0!

3.) Q: What about the monthly events? 

A: EVENTS Will try to do Slacktoberfest for end of October. Idk kinda need more active peeps. And October is ending soon...




Right now, slackerside only 2 nights. Depending on expansion, that can change but not w/ 5.0 would have to see peeps returning, new peeps, new content. For now, 2 basic slackerside nights.

SUNDAY 16m Special/Open: Sunday OPS open to all slackers – we will always try to do 16m if enough peeps. With 5.0 we will be gearing and try to get into planning more, AND really enforcing time. PLEASE be on TS by 7:00pm SERVER if you wish to go! We will work down and call it by 7:30 and sooner if peeps don't show. If late and we have peeps we will go not waiting for 16m.

FRIDAY SUICIDE SLACKER SLACKGRESSION I've received a few questions here - first, with expansion will be changes perhaps to time/more. Right now it is a late night 10:00 SERVER “progression” - not open to all, there will be some changes after expansion thus TIME and MORE can change. Thus, possible for alternate/etc. spots to open.  

NOTE: YOU MUST be able to consistently make time; have some experience. We try to balance what’s required to do HM progression with our laid back slacker ways; but not everyone has the ability to do HMs; with even slackgression - gear and numbers matter and more so awareness, communication, and commitment. All can be discussed personally with Imcus and Erisk.


With 5.0 will come a few changes. I will not list all here and some will already start to go into effect. 5.0 will make it official, maybe cleaned up too. LOOT RULES FOR ALL OPS - With 5.0 looming, we will be adopting a suicide king's version of rules. This will start to go into affect before 5.0. Leads should go MASTER LOOTER, and we'll have a one WIN on unassembled pieces per person, one free roll win per boss, w/ max wins per OPS. That precludes deco/etc.

Other changes will be requiring legacy gear/etc. And STARPARSE mostly required for all OPS. Exceptions pending w/ leads/officers. Will work to set new players/new to parse up, and won't be dicks about it. It's a tool, can be helpful. Excitement over a number cool but too much epeening, aka number talk/comparison or "I win DPS that boss!" and u will get warnings and even temporary to permanent removal from future OPS.

Rank changes for Officers:

DUKES are now the ONLY ACTIVE Officers. No more Lt. Officers; Dukes must be active in main game aka SWTOR.

COUNTS are now AWAY OFFICERS that is to say, all former officers whom are currently not active or able to be Dukes. They may still play but aren’t “active leadership”; no more TS admin; still moderator rights and expansive bank rights.

PRINCESS is a singular rank like Prince aka Imcus – but to Tar - representing being top Officer and Black Watch GM.


NA, Ehmry Bay (server only matters for WvW PvP).

https://wiki.guildwars2.com/wiki/Main_Page (prob one of the best updated game wikis!)

SO YES, I will promote this more, NO active recruiting in GW2  - so do NOT mistake any interest in this game as losing any in SWTOR or any focus there! But as a side game GW2 has been awesome! I took a lot of time, talking with peeps or I’d not  make it another official venture if I didn’t think or didn’t give it enough time playing, learning from past games we tried OR if others guidies playing didn’t agree.  

Myself, Ash, Cotan, Nob, Tar some, Mango, and a few others are playing or trying Guild Wars 2 or GW2. There's a thread for GW2 GUILD INFO HERE. Not since SWTOR launched have I been so excited to play an MMO for such an extended period, and as noted above we tried a few. GW2 is different in it’s been out for 4 years and last year had an overhaul with it’s HoT expansion. It took me a week or two to really get into it ironically I didn't like it! But man that changed rapidly.

NO MMO is without issues, GW2 certainly has enough; but - not like others imo. It's the least trolling, most helpful general community (always buttholes), and never get mail spam and gold whisper/general spam is rare.

We DO have a side guild there on NA, and you can join multiple guilds so you aren't stuck in a small guild like ours if u want something more expansive. It’s all based on account; so no need to get alts in one by one, and hopefully we can utilize the superior to SWTOR guild perks/fun one day if grow a tad.


- GW2 is f2p, the Heart of Thorns expansion is the purchase that essentially unlocks everything (5 slots, more inventory, mails, elite classes, etc.)

- F2p restrictions are mostly QOL - I’ll say that as f2p pre-max lvl, the biggest limits are char slots (only 2). After 80, will notice.

- Gameplay is sorta a mix between ESO and ArcheAge in that there's no tank/heals/DPS roles specific to classes, ANY class can be ANYTHING! Not as varied as AA, but there's weapon swaps and, limited skill bar like in ESO, every class's weap skills are unique however - armor is decided by class but fashion is HUGE in game there's hundreds of dyes, like SWTOR can wardrobe any unlocked look on gear.

- It's OPEN WORLD INSTANCES, but NO NINJA LOOTING or NODES or XP; loot, etc. all that  instanced to char! The Dynamic Event system keeps things fresh, no need to group for XP/credit. Also scaled levels so u gain same XP as a lvl 70 in a lvl 30 area, it's seamless.

- 2 PvP modes, PvE has too Raids, Fractals, Dungeons (FPs), and Open World PvE. BUT - there's side games, races, puzzles, exploration, crafting, even music tho u need to spend gems to get instruments.

Anyways, AGAIN, not gonna be shifting focus to GW2, or heavy recruiting there at all. Just more promotion here, we have a side guild there, maybe expand in future.


1.) AFK/LURKING - NO MORE! Hope to get a bot up at some point; but officers can/will kick ppl who go AFK for more than [color=#6e23d]2-3 HOURS[/color] or if in a channel with no reply - and did not mention a quick AFK, you will be moved to AFK and then from server if still AFK after said time or at officers discretion.

So do not take anything personally you can return back! Officers are NOT excluded either, except the King or Queen cannot be removed; officers doing so will be banned from TS. Seriously, try to kick me, see if I am joking :P

2.) Use APPROPRIATE Channels. There's specific channels for reasons, if talking theorycraft for SWTOR go there or ask someone to discuss that there. GW2 and doing a dungeon? No need to bother peeps in General with that.  It's assumed that's why you're in such channels also, so if you aren't talking/playing GW2, don't go there, likewise SWTOR, etc. Yeah exceptions can apply.

3.) Try to refrain from political/religious talk in Guild GENERAL Channel. Other channels/etc. for that!

4.) Guild General tries to be PG-13 but will often go R. It is 18+ w/ exceptions!

5.) GUILD GENERAL CHAT IS NOT FOR OPERATIONS! It seems like a pet peeve and is, but Sundays, Sat BW, Fri Nights, have channels for those OPS. The channels/OPS may be open for peeps not in that group to enter. Thus - SWTOR GENERAL OPS up to leads like SUNDAYS, anyone NOT in OPERATIONS can go there IF LEAD allows, but PLS do NOT speak during engagements, etc. Or you WILL be asked to leave channel if being bothersome/distraction.

6.) Use your FORUM/CHAR name or variation for recognition. Can have fun but if trolling like unknown may get kicked if unresponsive/not recognized by peeps.

My fellow slacktonians. I post this early, before Nov, due to KotFE release. I'll make this short and sorta sweet. Because cupcakes are sweet. And so am I! Sadly few of you are worthy of my greatn--- I mean - I love you all! As King - voted by myself - I write this State of Slackers for KotFE and the rest of the year.

I promise you! We will do OPS again with more days, more fun, more slack! Read my lips! I WILL tax you more cupcakes!


Ask not what your guild can do for you, but what you can do for your guild! It's up to YOU to greet/make new members feel welcome and EVERY member let's not all be silent up there in GC or TS! If going to group/need - ask. If were pugging anyways worst is no one replies/can't go.

PLEASE BROWSE through and even post you read/like or have IDEAS or ISSUES please post! :)

Hopefully excitement of expanse/more peeps on and recruited will allow us to offer more OPS stuff. Other than Landos own team on Tues/Thurs, it's Sat and Sun for our open OPS. I HOPE we can do another night or have an 8m Slackgression team again.

OPS SM scale 50-64. Means more ppl can join!

OPS RULES THREAD (process of being updated... ) NO accusing or yelling at others or bad attitudes. Frustrations okay, but excessive anger towards any member will not be tolerated. Any issues with a members WHISPER Event Lead or Officer, NOT that member (issues can be both personal or inner-OPS such as member not following direction, doing something wrong, etc.).

Suns will remain 16m Slacker Content - While Sats POSSIBLY change to more 8m Slackgressions. Suns have flip flopped with Sats as the prime time Slack OPS night. Consistently for a few months we've had 16m FULL slacker runs for acheivos. I don't see why change that -

TIME CHANGE We will TRY to BEGIN at 6:30-6:45pm PT - since it takes us slackers time to get on earlier we can do more.

TIME CHANGE Sats time will be 4:30-4:45 group and 5:00-5:15pm PT START. PRINCE IMCUS still leads.

We have been barely 8m content for a while. This likely will change with KotFE but - we'll see over the next few weeks with activity if Sats can be 16m or become more 8m. It may very well be Sats become 16m again. Also, SPECIAL THEMED EVENTS likely will be on Sats.

Many feel reinvigorated - craft is nerfed, both good and bad. If we can try for just a TOP TEN once a month - I think that'd be awesome. 20k over 35k also encourages ppl to go for Conquest same with better rewards. First KotFE week, we got 8th in NS - ironically due to craft nerf. We did enough OPS/NS heroics to place. Guilds relying on craft could not last minute take us off board! This means some weeks favor us over others but if we are active for heroic weeks, OPS, FPs, we can def make top 10 more than once a month maybe.

SLACKTOBERFEST was mostly a success! Much to improve upon! THREAD HERE for suggestions on Trivia, if YOU want to have a category/questions, ideas for other activities, etc.

We will have a MONTHLY themed event fitting usually with a holiday or similar - whether Sat or Sun is TBA - but hopefully we'll get more folks, esp newer ones into it and we can have fun with them.

Though Slacktoberfest was beer themed thus encouraging drinking it - we want to appeal to BOTH drinkers and non-drinkers going forward and think OUTSIDE the box. Like the beta-test Geeks Who Slack aka Geeks Who Drink Trivia Event by Imcus and Bimu, there's stuff like in-game races, scavenger hunts, PvP duels, etc. PLEASE ALL OF YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE and post ideas, etc. in the thread above

Likely will be some OPS too in future of such events. Like, really drunk late OPS.


In encouraging more activity overall and site use - I can track when people log in. Every month will be a RAFFLE for a PACK/MORE for those who actually LOG IN to the site! Members noble+ (officers excluded, because it's part of their Oath and expected anyways) who log into site ONCE a WEEK OR 3+ TIMES a MONTH will be entered. I'll randomly give a number to those members and roll during monthly themed event. You do NOT have to be present to receive pack.

More donated equals More unlocks, more repair bills we can cover, etc. Every bit helps! KING'S CELLAR/COFFERS - Section of bank for all event/prizes/raffles. I had ppl trade me a pack for Slacktoberfest just put in that part of bank if you want to donate any decor/packs/vehicles/etc.

ROYAL RANKS/PROMOTIONS/ROYAL SLACK COUNCIL (Officer/leaders) section has been up, but will again be edited soon. Now, there WILL be a new twist to those promoted to KNIGHT, LORD or any OFFICER rank.

It will be a trial or initiation of sorts fitting with requirements of promotions AND done every month during the themed event.  It will fit within slacker royal theme. Meant for fun, and basic knowledge of guild. [b]TRIAL DETAILS[/b] - will remain in secret only known to the Royal Slacker Council members and only Full member aka Knight+ can watch. Oooooohhhhhhhmyyyyyyyy.

MINECRAFT Still looking for more interested in a modded Minecraft server - TolkienCraft II is modpack looked at, w/ some edits. Please post here/vote if have any interest.

Hearthstone - ppl play? Making a new forum section soon!

STEAM/OTHER - ESO some may play still, steam games whatever we can post about them and add eachother to friendslists and play stuff together! We want to further Xpress how we're a community beyond any one game with SWTOR as the primary of course.

Black Watch Remember, they're cool, we're partners, and Tar is GM. In future SOON, we will be doing cross-guild promotions such as a Dark Slack Night certain Saturdays. End slacker OPS early, encourage slackers who may not use sith toons or do not go BW late Sat nights or maybe under 65 - since bolster 50+ more can join! Likewise BWers with no slacker toons will be welcome during our monthly themed events, barring guild specific activities. Hopefully all encouraging folks not joined to join the other sister guild! :) When this first will be is TBA really.

SWTOR THREAD - anyone feel free to bump/Xpress slacker interests anytime. (yes I am NOT using the E it betrayed us! Call me Risk from now on! Grrr E grrr you!!!) Will be recruiting more. Yes. MORE PEASANTS! MORE FORCED LABOR FOR CUPCAKES!

Policies like inactivity etc. haven't changed just need to enforce it :)

Long thread? Maybe. Who read? Dunno. But lots of potentially good stuff coming! Probably. Maybe. Definitely. Sorta. I believe in this guild, in you, in the slackerside so we can be the best guild ever. Go slack!

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